Singing Lessons in Oxford

with Alexander Massey

- Singing Teacher
- Professional Singer
- Writer on Voice, Communication & Learning
- Songwriter & Teacher of Songwriting

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Offering singing lessons to:

  • professional singers (classical & opera, microphone & recording work, pop, jazz, folk, rock, punk, music singertheatre, country, metal etc)
  • singing teachers (also mentoring/supervising)
  • semi-pro singers & experienced amateurs
  • aspiring professionals & music students
  • singers recovering from vocal damage, vocal strain, or a career crisis
  • recording artists
  • singer-songwriters, singing guitarists, lead and backing vocalists
  • chazzanim, cantors, ba’alei t’fillah (see more)
  • choral singers
  • singers who want an inside-out understanding of their voice, including: vocal anatomy, function and technique; vocal acoustics; song interpretation; the ‘inner game’ (psychology) of skill mastery and high level performance; preparation for roles, auditions, exams, college places, gigs and tours

I only teach young people under 16 in exceptional cases. Please could all enquirers for young people read this before contacting me.

mic-man-revContact me

The contact form is here, but before you get in touch … It’s probably a good idea to read about how I work and what I offer, and look at some of the articles & tips to get a feel for whether you think I’m the right teacher for you. You could also look at some of the short teaching videos. If are thinking about singing lessons, and broadly fit the criteria for students, then please get in touch through the contact form.

I look forward to hearing from you!