Singing Lessons in Oxford

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Singing Teacher & Voice Coach

For over 35 years, I have worked in the singing business – as a professional singer, teacher, and writer on voice, teaching and learning. One of the things that I find constantly fascinating and encouraging is that, with the right information, patient practice, and supportive coaching, we can always improve our skills.

Singers become skilled, confident, and independent when their learning is thorough, well-organised, and enjoyable. Singing lessons with me focus on Four Core Areas:

  • Vocal Technique (& the voice science behind it)
  • Interpretation & Expression
  • Performance Skills
  • Learning & Psychology

The development of sound vocal technique, based on good voice science, forms the centrepiece of the lessons.

With solid vocal technique, we discover that our voices can be flexible, reliable, and responsive, which means that we can start working on interpretation and true freedom of expression.

This helps develop core confidence, and prepares us for the next step: adding the specific skills needed for performance.

Vocal technique, interpretation and performance all benefit from a systematic approach that includes a deep understanding of successful learning methods, and the part played by mind and emotions in growing skill and confidence, and communicating successfully with an audience. As a singer and learner, you are unique. So while the core principles remain the same, the teaching methods must vary according to your personality, learning style, goals, strengths and needs.

I offer singing lessons to students aged 18 and upward. Given the Four Core Areas that we focus on, I ask all singers who work with me to have at least a basic level of musical proficiency before they start, and be interested in the systematic and holistic approach (Eligibility).

I work with musically capable amateurs and choral singers, singer-songwriters, music students, aspiring professionals, semi-pro singers, singing teachers, professional singers, cantors, recording artists, and singers recovering from vocal damage, vocal strain, or a career crisis. I also help people who want to work on their speaking voices or communication skills (actors, voiceover artists, business people, presenters, lecturers etc) – for more on this, visit

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If you have read about the Four Core Areas and Eligibility, and think we could work well together, then please get in touch through the contact form.

I look forward to hearing from you!