smiles“one of the best-known singing teachers based in Oxford. Anyone who uses their voice – who doesn’t? – would benefit from a session with Alexander”
Hugh Vickers, Oxford Times feature article, Nov 2002 (read full article)

Teaching individuals

  • Dear Alexander, I just felt that I would like to share with you the simple fact that the concert I sang in, a week ago now, was a most wonderful experience. It seemed to me that I had never sung better and that there were moments when the breath came from deeply within and I was allowing myself to respond totally. It also seemed that the choir as a whole had never sung this particular work better and there was a feeling of excitement and catharsis about the whole collective experience that I relished.  Now I do thank you for the sessions I have had with you. They have been very helpful in centrally important ways and you have ably led me through some important discoveries.
  • A first-class, thoroughly unconventional teacher (Hugh Vickers, music critic, The Independent)
  • You’ve taught me so much over the years. You always seem to know exactly what’s needed. (member of the BBC Singers)
  • Many thanks for teaching xx: she has found it invaluable, and I am delighted that things are going better for her vocally. (Owen Rees, Director of Music,The Queen’s College, Oxford University)
  • You have helped me sing the way I want to sing. The breathing and the mental centring have helped me get my body in the right state ready to sing. I trust you implicitly with everything. (Music graduate with a First from Leeds University) (Now performing professionally as a solo cabaret singer)
  • The most amazing thing for me was the sound that came out of my body – definitely my body not just from my throat which is where I always thought it came from before.
  • Alexander, I really enjoyed working with you, and hope it will be possible again at some point in the future.
  • I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done for me.  Without all your hard work I certainly wouldn’t be doing singing now and wouldn’t be finding itso enjoyable. (Music undergraduate, Manchester University)
  • I want to thank you for all your time with me over the years as without you I would not have been ready to take the course at this point. Your work with me also meant i got a lot more out of the course. I am very grateful to you! (University music student)
  • Thank you – I really liked your approach. … You introduced me to the singing process with a very good structure, starting from the bio-mechanics, the posture, and really breaking down the problem to guide me smoothly on your path. And I feel is was exactly what I needed to approach singing well. … It is about giving smooth guidance to bring through new knowledge, new experience, and keep the brain busy with new information but not too much at a time.

Courses, classes and workshops

  • Another workshop with this man would be brilliant! (Guildford College of Further Education) [I went back there 8 years running]
  • I have had much previous experience of workshops and consider your workshop possibly the very best I have ever attended. It was quite magical, and I was deeply touched.  (singing teacher and jazz singer)
  • Thank you for the notes and the workshop, I thought it was absolutely fantastic!!! It shifted worlds for me..so..a tap for you on the shoulder.
  • Superb day. Balanced, thoughtfully paced. Should be compulsory.
  • I really liked the way you ran the workshop. You had no ego. You shared your gifts and knowledge. You made it fun. There was much wisdom. There was great opportunity for growth. You are a great teacher.
  • Extremely professional way you encouraged us all to join in without feeling threatened or embarrassed. The evaluations were extremely complimentary, but the true test is when individuals are still talking about it days later – and indeed they are. (Connexions – team building day)
  • Very comprehensive and useful reference materials
  • Thank you very much for the notes and a very inspirational day. I really enjoyed every minute and was sorry to leave early. Have been “singing” your praises since.
  • Many thanks for the notes and for a valuable workshop. I’ve taken with me lots of ideas for my practice.
  • Whole workshop extremely interesting and useful – very well done!
  • Excellent workshop and great fun!
  • Tutor cared about us and for us. Really enjoyed the day and the gentle pace allowed me to reflect on experience.
  • A quality learning experience
  • An excellent workshop – I’m very impressed!