About Alexander


Where I have taught

My teaching has taken me into many areas of the music industry (classical, opera, music theatre, rock, jazz, folk, punk, heavy metal etc), the recording studio, universities, schools (also heading school music and drama departments), colleges of further education, choirs and opera choruses, and professional theatre.

Most of my teaching is now through my private practice, though I currently also teach the voice modules for a 2 year Professional Acting Diploma for boomsatsuma (in association with the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School).

Who I have taught

I have taught professional singers, singing teachers, cantors, speech and language therapists, music students, undergrads and postgrads (universities of Oxford, Oxford Brookes, Leeds, York, & Manchester), recording artists – and, of course, amateurs who are keen to develop their singing skills.

I also have worked for many years coaching individuals and groups on communication, relationships and personal development (e.g. Guild of Pastoral Psychology, Oxford Psychotherapy Society, London Underground, HBOS, GlaxoSmithKline, Oxford University, Unilever, Age Concern); 1-to-1 clients have also included BBC presenters. You can find out more about this side of my work at www.AuthenticVoice.co.uk.

Presenting & writing

I have also been a main presenter for the British Voice Association (BVA), a keynote speaker for the International Association of Voice Movement Therapists (IAVMT), and writer on singing for publications by the Association of Teachers of Singing (AOTOS) and the Natural Voice Network (NVN). I have been interviewed on BBC radio about singing technique, and been a consultant for BBC, Channel 5 and Channel 5 voice documentaries.

I have also been an educational researcher at Oxford University, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). In that role, I published several papers, and two edited books on teaching, learning, and research. I have also written on the psychology of voice development for psychotherapy journals.

Teaching testimonials

“I have been so impressed with your work with the students and think they are amazingly lucky to have you! Thank you for a brilliant … term with both years. … You are a brilliant expert who has shown us what teaching voice really means.” (RA, co-Director, boomsatsumain association with the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School)

“one of the best-known singing teachers based in Oxford. Anyone who uses their voice would benefit from a session with Alexander” Hugh Vickers, music critic for the Independent, Oxford Times feature article

“I’ve always felt that with you, I’m in a safe pair of hands. You have a really detailed physical knowledge of the voice, understand the psychology involved in developing as a singer.” Undergraduate, Manchester University


Singer & Instrumentalist

A long-time member of British Equity (Performers’ Union), as a professional singer (and multi-instrumentalist), I have worked across the musical spectrum – in the classical world (e.g. solo oratorio work, Opéra de Lyon chorus work, opera roles such as Don Ottavio, Peter Quint & Pinkerton, recitals with David Roth from the Allegri Quartet, international professional choirs), jazz (Philip Clouts), folk (e.g Guernsey International Festival of Folk and Blues) and world music (e.g. At-Ma). I have been the featured performer (of an evening of my own songs) for the International Jewish-Christian Bible Week.

Performing reviews

  • “Alexander Massey was excellent”  The Independent
  • “consistently thoughtful and light of touch” Oxford Times
  • “Eloquent … Alexander Massey projected a honeyed tenor line” Gloucestershire Echo

Other stuff

Composer & songwriter

I have been active as a composer of choral music and songs, and many of these have been published and are used by singers and choirs around the world. You can find out more about this side of my work at www.AlexanderMassey.com.

Songwriting teacher

Being a singer, singing teacher, and published composer of choral music and songs, it was probably inevitable that I would end up teaching songwriting at some point! At www.OxfordSongwriting.com, you’ll find the syllabus I created, along with resources and a blog. NB After 40 years, I have stepped back from teaching, and am no longer taking on students.