Piano Concert – Alexander Massey

Churchill Hospital, Oxford, Wed. 4 March 2020, 12.30-1.15pm

Alexander Massey

Part of the ‘First Wednesdays’ concert series

  1. Dream A Little Dream of Me (Andre, Schwandt &Kahn)
  2. Shallow Waters (Billy Mayerl)
  3. Autumn Crocus (Billy Mayerl)
  4. Be My Love (Brodsky & Kahn, arr. Keith Jarrett)
  5. My Wild Irish Rose (Keith Jarrett)
  6. Over The Rainbow (Arlen & Harburg, arr. Keith Jarrett)
  7. Blackbird (Paul McCartney, arr. Joey Alexander)
  8. The Wind (Keith Jarrett) / Someone To Watch Over Me (Gershwin & Gershwin, arr. Keith Jarrett)
  9. Heartland – Bregenz 1981 (Keith Jarrett)

Alexander Massey is a multi-instrumentalist, professional solo singer (opera, classical recital, music theatre, jazz & folk), actor, and published songwriter. He also teaches singing, voice acting and songwriting – www.oxfordsinginglessons.co.uk