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The perils of warming up

or … How can we help students become independent of teachers? (First published in ‘Singing’ – the Journal of The Association of Teachers of Singing (UK), Spring 2011) What exactly is a warm-up, and who should be in charge? Students often

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Singers shouldn’t listen to themselves

Listening to one’s own voice as a singer is bound to distort healthy voice production. Adrian Fourcin has explained why in an excellent chapter called ‘Hearing and Singing’ in Janice Chapman’s 2006 book, Singing and Teaching Singing: A Holistic Approach

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Is that a fact? Commonly held, but mistaken, ideas about how to sing better

The seductive power of a factoid is that the information appears to be reliable and accurate. People assume the truth of a factoid partly because they have heard it repeated so often. The internet has given greater influence to the

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