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All singers give better performances, the more they understand what is there in the songs. Singing lessons include learning about how to interpret songs, so that singers creates their own, unique performance versions. A performer needs to explore character, narrative, situation, as well as sometime the literary, political and social context of the song.

A singer will also gain a huge amount from learning something about the craft of songwriting - the work of the lyricist, music writer (composer), arranger, and producer (if recording as well).

For this reason, I encourage all my singing students to read and/or sign up to my songwriting blog at
Singer-songwriters often work on both their singing and their songwriting with me. I have 35 years of experience as a professional singer, teacher, and have studied song and songwriting all this time. I am also a songwriter myself, and have performed, recorded and published my songs.

I have worked with pretty much every type musical style and vocal performer, and have taught composition and songwriting for a good few years. So if you want coaching on your songwriting, take a look at my other website

and get in touch with me to find out how I can help you.