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Not all the Open Mic nights in Oxford are listed on Daily Info, but it is definitely the most reliable source of information. Some of this information was gathered from here and Open Mic Finder, but may not be accurate (sorry!); I suggest you ring the venue to check before you make a possibly wasted journey. If you’re looking for folk sessions, folk gigs, or folk musicians to link uv p with, then take a look at Folk in Oxford.


Every Sunday
  • The Bookies Open Mic – The Old Bookbinders Ale House. Every Sunday, 17-18 Victor Street, OX2 6BT – 01865 553549 – Open Mike Organiser: Chris Padmore – Facebook
  • Harcourt Arms Open Mic (HAOM)more info , Facebook – 1-2 Cranham Terrace, OX2 6DG – 8-11pm every Sunday. Amplification provided. Bring your own instruments. This is run by Nigel Brown who used to run the Old Bookbinders Open Mike. He records the acts and will send a copy to the artists by email if requested.
  • Half Moon Folk Club – The Half Moon Pub, 17 – 18 St Clements Street, OX4 1AB – 01865 247808 – Every Sunday – 8:30 or 9pm Start – No amplification or microphones provided. Bring your own instruments. A mix of Irish folk and other genres led by the legendary Mick Henry. Open session, all welcome. 8pm Free
  • James Street Sunday Sessions – James Street Tavern, 47-48 James Street, Oxford OX4 1EU – afternoon, from 3.30pm – Open acoustic / folk session, all welcome.
  • Bear Inn, Alfred St – 6 Alfred Street, Oxford OX1 4EH (near Carfax, off Blue Boar Street) – 7.30pm – hosted by The Rock Bottoms


Every Monday
  • Royal Blenheim Open Mic – 13 St Ebbes Street, Oxford OX1 1PT – 8pm – Open mic hosted by Scott Gordon. All welcome!
2nd Monday
  • Oxford French and Breton Session – Oxford’s long running French and Breton session at the James Street Tavern, James Street, OX4 1EU. 8pm onwards. Bagpipes, hurdy-gurdies and more. New players always welcome. Room to dance if you’re nimble. Since 2004!
  • Scandi-Sesh monthly Scandinavian music night – James Street Tavern, James Street, OX4 1EU – 8.30pm


Every Tuesday
  • Pizza Mic! at The Library Pub, Oxford – 182 Cowley Road, Oxford, OX4 1UE – 7:30pm – 11:00pm – 01865 241776 – We have pizza cooked in a wood-burning oven (which helps bring in the crowds) and 1 free drink & £5 pizza per performer. Sign up from 7:30. All acts welcome and we can accommodate most performances (just get in touch).
  • The White Rabbit, Oxford –  9:00- 11:45pm – 01865-241177 – All performers get a free drink! – 21 Friars Entry, Oxford, OX1 2BY
  • The Spark Side of the Moon – James Street Tavern, 47-48 James Street, OX4 1EU – Open mic night hosted by Sparky, The Dangerous Poet. Music, poetry, comedy, song and all forms of entertainment welcome – Sparky’s phone number: 07963-475957 – 8:30pm start. Amplification provided for most instruments, but not bass guitars. You are welcome to bring your own bass amplification. It is suggested you ring Sparky on 07963475957 to see if anyone else is already bringing bass amplification that you can use. Drummers have to use an electronic kit (not an acoustic kit, it’s too loud for the venue) or smaller drums such as cajon. Again, before bringing an electronic kit it is worth phoning Sparky to see if someone else is bringing one. A “weighted piano/organ with sustain and damper pedals” is provided. Lighting and recording as required.


Every Wednesday
  • Cape of Good Hope – 1 Iffley Road, OX4 1 EA – 01865 262291 – Every Wednesday – Hosted by Lee Davies. From about 8:30pm till 12am when the Cape closes. Free admission for both performers and listeners. Amplification provided. Bring your own instruments, though you might be able to play an instrument brought by another performer if you ask nicely. Talk to Lee when you arrive and he’ll put you on the list and tell you when you are to perform.
2nd and 4th Wednesday
  • The Firry Mic – Second Wednesday of each month and Fourth Wednesday of each month – The Fir Tree Pub, 163 Iffley Road, OX4 1EJ – 01865 245290 – 3rd Wednesday of every Month. Riley arrives at 8:15pm to 8:30pm. Event starts shortly after. 11pm to 1130pm finish, depending on how many people there are to get through. No amplification (They call it “organic”). No piano provided. Bring your own instruments. The event is held on the top floor of the pub and is described as “intimate”.
Some Wednesdays
  • Gardeners Arms Open Throat – The Gardeners Arms Pub – 39 Plantation Road (Off Woodstock Road in Jericho), OX2 6JE – 01865-559814
  • Galician Night – James Street Tavern, 47-48 James Street, OX4 1EU – 8pm – Open session of Galician folk music


Every Thursday
  • Foxcombe Lodge Open Mic, Foxcombe Lodge Hotel, Fox Lane, Boars Hill, OX1 – 01865-326326. Free entry for all, performers and non performers a like. Just turn up on the night. Amplification provided. 9:30 pm till 11:30pm (Pub closes at 12am)
  • Catweazle Club, East Oxford Community Centre, Princes Street, OX4 1HU – FacebookYouTube – £6/£5 entry for listeners. Performers get in free. “An intimate and magical space for musicians, singers, poets, storytellers and performance artists of every imaginable hue, who grace the stage every Thursday night. A chance to sit, to listen, to connect, to inspire and to be inspired…” Not actually an open mike in that there are no microphones or amplifiers, but it is open. Arrive before 8pm to be put on the list to play.
  • Sparky’s Flying CircusHalf Moon, 18 St Clements, Oxford OX4 1AB – 9pm (runs until Thu, 25th June) – Weekly open music, poetry and song session. 1865-247808. Sparky’s phone number: 07963-475957 – 8:30pm Start. Amplification provided. Piano provided, otherwise bring your own instruments. All music and poetry welcome. Facebook.
  • Acoustic ThursdaysJude the Obscure, 54 Walton Street, Oxford OX2 6AE – 8.30pm – featured local artist & open acoustic jams with Martini Russa
  • Electric Jam Blues Session – Catherine Wheel, Henley Road, Sandford-on-Thames, Oxford OX4 4YP – 8pm – Bring your instrument and jam along with house band
  • Cafe Aloha Open Mic – 11 The Square, Westway Shopping Centre (Botley), Oxford, OX2 9LH – 01865-792696 – Hosted by Jack Little; all welcome


Every Friday
  • Oxford Folk Club – All welcome. 8.30pm £2 – The White House, 38 Abingdon Road, Oxford OX1 4PD
1st Friday (usually …)
  • Sparky’s Spotlight Jam & Spontaneous Showcase – James Street Tavern, 7-48 James Street, Oxford OX4 1EU – 8pm – Monthly showcase with featured bands followed by open jam session hosted by Oxford’s favourite open mic compere, Sparky The Dangerous Poet.
2nd Friday (usually …)
  • Bastard English Folk Session – Isis Farmhouse, Haystacks Corner, The Towing Path, Iffley Lock, Oxford OX4 4EL – 8pm


  • Nothing!

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  1. i went to the catweazle club and after paying for parking and petrol to get to the venue,i discovered at the last minute that they only accept your own songs no covers allowed.We can’t all be song writers.They should stipulate on any ads or website that cover type songs are not permitted.Thank you,

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