Singing Lessons

menuVocal development

… voice training to professional level (but you don’t have to go that far if you don’t want to …) – clear explanations of vocal anatomy and function – mastery of register transitions (laryngeal adjustments and resonance strategies) – maintaining optimum vocal function when introducing melody, words, interpretation, and stage movement – methods that address the relationship between voice, emotion and mental habits – thoroughly researched and historically accurate tuition in the traditional, specialised aesthetic of and approaches to bel canto – guidance on specialised vocal techniques, contemporary styles, music theatre, crooning, belting, pop / rock / jazz / folk styles

Learning methods

… techniques for learning and automating new muscular patterns to replace old habits; ways to monitor yourself and measure your own progress; a clear model of how the voice works, and exercises for mastering each aspect; the brain science of learning a skill; systematic methods for learning new music and memorizing

Supporting vocal recovery

… voice care and vocal recovery techniques; ‘wounded’ singers – professionals who need a safe space to reassess their goals and technique, and recover their sense of self, direction, and confidence (NB I do not offer medical or clinical advice, as I am not qualified to do so.)

Performance preparation

… professional appearances; interpretation, and adapting to musical styles; stage roles (opera, musical theatre); professional auditions (opera, musical theatre, professional choirs); Finals recitals; choral scholarships; university and music college auditions; recitals; microphone based performances; recording studio

Performance skills and confidence building

… mastering nerves – the ‘inner game’ of performance psychology and the cycle of improvement; preparation skills and checklists; mental rehearsal techniques; stage presence and self-presentation; engaging the audience; interpretation; working with other musicians; balancing control and spontaneity / creativity in performance; handling the unexpected; dealing with negative experiences